Langmut. A german word meaning a calm, forbearing waiting, a confident patience, endurance and composure. It helps you to achieve aims that first seemed unattainable. Klang means sound - a complex acoustic noise, a gathering of tones that can touch our heart.


I'm always looking out for these sounds. Sometimes I catch them and include them in my songs. They turn my songs into acoustic afterglows of what was happening. Music does not appear just between sheet music but within the creaking of old wardrobes, the noise of recovered tapes, the humming of a spinning top rotating on a wooden desk.


Das Richtige tun ("Doing the right thing") tells a story of reliance and courage. We can take courage to discover new sides in ourselves. If we want we can become the person who we will have wanted to be.

Klangmut combines instruments like metallophone, concertina and piano with electric sounds and some everyday noises and sounds. The project startet in an apartment in an old building in 17 Egenolff street in Frankfurt - a place that inspired me, after a long time of hesitation, to finally carry out my musical ideas. Klangmut is mainly inspired by musicians from Iceland, like Kira Kira, Amiina, Múm, Pascal Pinon and Óbó.


Thanks to Volker who mastered the album and also to my friends and family who supported me so much. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Karsten Nitsch who shot the atmospheric title foto.


Klangmut is also on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to be kept up to date on news or if you have any questions about the project please don't hesitate to contact me here. I also would be glad to hear from musicians who are interested in collective projects.

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